Pets in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // November 27, 2018

Pets are shown to provide emotional benefits, just as long as you aren’t allergic to them. For older people, they provide companionship and increase their quality of life. For younger people, taking care of a pet can help foster responsibility and is good for their immune system. People have different opinions about what the best […]

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Spas in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // November 9, 2018

Self-care is essential in this high-stress world. True wellbeing stems from taking care of yourself a little bit every day. This means that routinely getting little sleep and having an unbalanced diet can’t be fixed just on the weekends. Sometimes we simply go through periods of having a larger work-load than usual and when the […]

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Hosting a Halloween Party

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // October 26, 2018

Halloween is coming up, and although traditionally all activities are geared toward children, its still a good excuse to have your friends over. You can always welcome children, but if you want to make it an adult event, you are under no obligation to use cheesy decor. Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of […]

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Making Things Memorable

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // October 15, 2018

Several of you may be studying an advanced degree or even a short course to stay up to date with your profession. Studying can be challenging, especially when it has to be balanced with work and all your other responsibilities. Also, we are surrounded by distractions, your smart phone being the main one. School and […]

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Planting a Fall Garden in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // September 30, 2018

Miami is blessed with amazing weather. The fall is a great time to get some landscaping done and to put different plants in your green spaces. It’s even an ideal time to plant a vegetable garden with herbs. October is upon us, so here are a few things you can get started with. First of […]

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Fall in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // September 23, 2018

Summer is over; kids are back in school and now is the time to start planning activities for the next couple of months. There is plenty to do in Miami in the fall so today´s article will be about what’s coming up. Columbus Day Regatta To commemorate Christopher Columbus’s voyage in 1492, hundreds of sailing […]

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Hurricane Florence

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // September 16, 2018

Our thoughts are with the people suffering through hurricane Florence. Already, there are reported deaths and people are doing the best they can to survive. Many are without power, as many as 500,000 according to The Guardian. There is intense flooding over roads and as many as 164 calls for help. According to The Atlantic, […]

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Keeping a Healthy Home

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // September 8, 2018

Enjoying your home goes beyond having a chic color scheme. Home maintenance in Miami is extremely important so that you yourself can be healthy. Different spaces and rooms in your home need particular attention. If you take care of your home, your home takes care of you. Carbon Monoxide alarms and Smoke alarms This is […]

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Interior Design Trends for Fall

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // September 1, 2018

It’s always fun to freshen up a home. Regular maintenance is essential. This keeps expenses down because it means your home won´t deteriorate to the point where anything becomes seriously damaged. Any leaks should be dealt with quickly and plumbing should be in top condition. This way, you can focus on making your house as […]

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A Beach Home in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // August 24, 2018

Just going to the beach for a day has a healing effect on the body. In Miami, there are many beautiful beaches to choose from for you to relax and enjoy yourself. If you want to vacation, maybe consider renting or even buying some beachside property so you can get away. For renting, you have […]

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