Short Sale Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // August 17, 2018

Are you looking for Short Sales in Miami? We have spoken of Short Sales before here at Property Aces. People prefer Short Sales in order to avoid foreclosures. A foreclosure is time-consuming and expensive. This means that everyone can stand to benefit from a Short Sale; the buyer gets a cheaper home, and the seller […]

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Art in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // August 14, 2018

We all look forward to the warm sea breezes of summer. This summer however has been warmer than most. Heat waves have been felt in different regions of the planet with catastrophic results. The most vulnerable people among us are the ones who tend to suffer the most such as the elderly or very young […]

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Problem Solving Strategies

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // August 5, 2018

People always have problems to solve. Starting as babies up to adulthood. Our rational human ability how to solve problems is what has kept us alive. Indeed, it could be said that all human advancement is a product of problem solving. Problems can be simple or complex and sometimes you need to know how to […]

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Keeping Active in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // July 27, 2018

Summer time is great for being outdoors and there is plenty to do to stay in shape and have fun in Miami. Hydration Particularly when it is warm, staying hydrated is very important. The American Council on Exercise has suggested the following basic guidelines for drinking water before, during, and after exercise: Drink 17 to […]

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Summer in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // July 20, 2018

There’s plenty to do in Miami year-round. However, July is one of the best months to visit Miami, particularly if anything relating to water. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Miami offers a wide variety of diving sites. Each one is more beautiful than the next. The Atlantic Ocean has great biodiversity for you to enjoy. People […]

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Real Estate Investment Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // July 13, 2018

Miami is an exciting city and people from all over the world are looking to invest. Real Estate Investment in Miami can be highly profitable and people who live in Miami benefit from job growth and a high standard of living. So far in 2018, sales of condos, single family homes, and even luxury real […]

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Summer Cleaning in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // July 6, 2018

We know there is spring cleaning, but really giving your home a deep clean each season makes home maintenance much more manageable. So, if you´re going on holiday, it might be good to sort through your possessions so that when you come back, you´re good and ready to back to work or school. Minimalism and […]

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4th of July in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // June 29, 2018

Living in Miami offers all sorts of advantages. However, if you come for a day, make that day the 4th of July. This patriotic day is a time to spend with family and to enjoy the typical fireworks. So, if you´re looking for something to do with the whole family on July 4th, Miami is […]

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How to Improve your Focus

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // June 22, 2018

Summer is finally here. For those going on vacation, it’s time to disconnect. However, if you´re in Miami and this is still a busy time for you, focusing is key so you make the most of your productivity. Sleep You won´t be able to focus at all without a good night´s sleep. Stay away from […]

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Sell My House in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // June 15, 2018

Maybe you bought a house a few years back. You´ve fixed it up, it has increased in value and now you have other projects to pursue. This could very well be a good time to sell your house in Miami. There are more buyers than available homes, which benefits sellers. Recently, Trulia, a Real estate […]

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