Managing Your Anxiety

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // June 8, 2018

We live in a hectic world where we have myriad responsibilities. The workday is long and sometimes work continues at home and even on the weekend. How busy we are can fluctuate and different people have different anxiety thresholds. Being able to handle stress is a worthy skill to develop. Also, altering our environments to […]

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How to pick yourself up and try again

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // June 2, 2018

For some time you thought about a goal you wanted to reach. You were in your comfort zone. You felt a calling and you decided that you were going to focus on this one task. You took the leap and had to deal with an adjustment period. You faced challenges and adversities and people told […]

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Going to the Beach in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // May 26, 2018

Even if you don’t go in the water, just being by a body of water can have a healing effect. A more secluded beach will give you the quiet rest you need. Fortunately, if you live in Miami you have plenty to choose from. Working on your tan is no longer recommended by dermatologists, but […]

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Real Estate Investment in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // May 18, 2018

May 2018 is the time to invest in Real Estate in Miami and we at Property Aces are going to give you the help you need. Miami is a melting pot of so many cultures, but particularly south American. This means food and music is phenomenal and every cultural expression benefits from this influx of […]

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Mother´s Day in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // May 12, 2018

Celebrating Mother´s day in Miami is a great way to show your mother how much she means to you. There is plenty to do such as starting off the day with breakfast in bed or heading off to brunch before hitting the beach. Because it is such an essential part of life, we will focus […]

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Buying Land and Vacant Lots in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // May 5, 2018

If you want to invest, real estate is a great way to go. You could also buy land and vacant lots in Miami. This can be a great opportunity to build a new construction home or invest for the future. Because of the low number of vacant lots in Miami, many of the best opportunities […]

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How to Freeze your Credit

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // April 27, 2018

Privacy is very important. Recently there has been a lot of scandal regarding the use of personal information online, on several platforms. Specifically, there has been a recent Equifax data breach. This led to the leaking of a great deal of personal data being leaked. To stop this from happening, data security experts have some […]

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Foreclosure Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // April 20, 2018

Buying a foreclosure home in Miami is not without its challenges. Property Aces is here to guide you so you decide whether or not buying a foreclosed home in Miami is to your advantage. In principles, a foreclosed home is nothing to celebrate because it means someone wasn´t able to pay their mortgage and they […]

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Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // April 13, 2018

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. For Bitcoin to work, people have to trust in the system. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and now there are many more cryptocurrencies because they can just be […]

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Wellbeing and Green Spaces in Miami

Posted by Eleazar Lopez-Contreras // April 8, 2018

There is ever increasing evidence that exposure to green spaces enhances a person’s capacity to manage the demands and pressures of modern living. Sullivan, WC (2014). “Wellbeing and green spaces in cities.”  This makes sense, because as a species, we evolved in green spaces. Certainly being indoors provides shelter, but it is not our natural […]

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