Interior Design Trends for Fall

Interior Design Trends for Fall

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It’s always fun to freshen up a home. Regular maintenance is essential. This keeps expenses down because it means your home won´t deteriorate to the point where anything becomes seriously damaged. Any leaks should be dealt with quickly and plumbing should be in top condition. This way, you can focus on making your house as pleasant as possible.

For this fall and winter season, there are several upcoming trends.


Neutrals are always popular because they rarely disrupt any decoration. Of course, you don´t want to overdo it and make your home look bland. The focus is on natural looking furniture, such as wood pieces. It doesn´t have to look like something out of Ikea, the decoration can have a unique look. It should look calming.

Navy Blue

This color as a decorative element is making a comeback. It adds a touch of sophistication and is shown to be relaxing. A very versatile color, that it can be used either as a neutral or as an accent. So it’s a good color to pair with the above neutrals trend. It is the perfect substitute for black as it makes a dazzling base color that breathes elegance and class. At the same time, it can be used as an accent to add intensity and style. All colors are for everyone, but navy blue is sure to appeal to a wide range of people because it isn´t flashy but not gloomy either. However, you don´t want it to dominate any space.

Autumn Maple

Orange is a typical autumn color, but with some brown. It’s attractive for the season but you might want to buy a piece with the color rather than paint an entire wall. Cushions are a good option and will look good with navy blue. An autumn maple couch with navy or off-white cushions might also work. It is a warm and optimistic color.


Gold color is great for autumn and the coming winter months. The holiday season looks very good in gold, particularly when you add lights. It pairs well with autumn maple and any navy blue will tone it down. Gold can be added to your home by re-upholstering a chair or adding a lamp. This will add a touch of opulence and warmth. It is ideal for a parlor or sitting room but in your bedroom or bathroom it adds a touch of luxury.


Adding a vintage piece is a great way to use things your parents or grandparents may have given you. You don´t want to over-use pieces from a particular historical period because anything you buy thereafter will have to have a similar style. Maybe you favor a country-romantic look. That goes well with neutrals but might clash with something a bit more industrial.

Antique stores are a great way to find something special. A tea set or a lamp will add a vintage touch.

Have fun adding something special to your home this season.

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