Pets in Miami

Pets in Miami

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Pets are shown to provide emotional benefits, just as long as you aren’t allergic to them. For older people, they provide companionship and increase their quality of life. For younger people, taking care of a pet can help foster responsibility and is good for their immune system. People have different opinions about what the best age is for a child to have a pet. Some are happy to let their pets be in contact with their babies. Dogs and cats can be very nurturing however, its best to be careful.

Broadly speaking, owning a pet reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and if you walk your pet, you’ll be more active. By lowering anxiety, pets are also shown to reduce pain. There is nothing like coming home from a hard day at work and being greeted lovingly by a furry friend. Having a pet can even help you socialize, which is a known antidepressant. We all have different levels of commitment to our animal companions, but if you are already a pet owner or are looking to become one, consider what Miami has to offer.

Pet Shops

For your pet needs, a pet shop is the ideal place to go to. Consider getting a rescue pet rather than going to a breeder. Rescues are known to be tremendously grateful.

Pet Supermarket, Animal Crackers, Pets Best, Pets Kingdom and Pet Wants Miami are great places to go to for food and grooming needs. If you don’t have a trusted vet yet, a pet shop is a great place to ask for a recommendation. You want someone competent but they should also be as close as possible to your home in case of an emergency.


The Humane Society and The Cat Network are good places to get cats and also get them neutered if necessary. Miami-Dade County has an animal services department to ensure that you are following through with all formalities.

Pet Parks

Walking your dog in your neighborhood is fine, but if they’re old enough, they’ll be happy to be let loose in a dog park. Cats are more independent and will set off without asking for permission.

Socialization is very important for dogs and walking them without a leash is ill advised. Even if you know your dog to be friendly, other people can feel uncomfortable. Some popular dog parks to go to are Coconut Grove Dog Park, Blanche Park and San Jacinto Park. Blanche Park has small tree-lined dog park with a fenced area for off-leash activities, shaded seats & cleanup bags. You can walk to the parks directly or take your car along with any toys you think might be fun. Make sure to bring water and a dog dish, be it hot or cold, because with all the running around, dogs can get dehydrated. Dogs love the beach so going to Hobie Island Beach Park at Old Rickenbacker Causeway would probably be greatly appreciated. There you will find a shallow water beach offering a dog-friendly area with wide city vistas & watersports gear rentals. Haulover Beach Dog Park is another good option. Bark Park Dog Park is difficult to say, but is also a good option. Bring some treats with you just in case. If your dog is fully trained you shouldn’t have any trouble, but sometimes having some with you to make you more persuasive is useful.

For more information, you can call Property ACES at (305) 985-2237 and get started with the next stage of your life.


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