Spas in Miami

Spas in Miami

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Self-care is essential in this high-stress world. True wellbeing stems from taking care of yourself a little bit every day. This means that routinely getting little sleep and having an unbalanced diet can’t be fixed just on the weekends. Sometimes we simply go through periods of having a larger work-load than usual and when the intensity goes down, Miami has many options for relaxation. There is no need to shell out a lot of money. Sometimes going for a walk in a park or spending some alone time is enough. But if what you need is some serious pampering, you might want to consider the following options.

The Betsy South Beach

This is Miami’s only outdoor spa. Located at our rooftop Ocean Deck, The Wellness Garden & Spa at The Betsy is designed to soothe the senses with Zen-inspired wood, stone, bamboo and natural fibers – all shaded by retractable sails and private cabanas. Unique spa treatments and massage therapies derived from food and plant-based ingredients are offered in our tranquil rooftop oasis or in the privacy of your own guest room. Pools with ocean views, you can practice yoga and visit the 24h fitness center. The beachfront location on Ocean Drive is something to be marveled at.

All Betsy Wellness Garden spa therapies incorporate paraben-free products derived from natural ingredients, including sugar plums, blueberries and mandarins. Parabens are known hormone disruptors which can be found in most cosmetics. Thankfully, several cosmetics brands are making the decision to take better care of their customers. The spa’s Creative signature therapies include a Wood Stone Ritual treatment with chilled stones, an indulgent Coconut Hot Towel facial and a host of massages, body treatments, manicures and pedicures suited for both men and women. This makes it an ideal place to visit with your spouse or a group of friends.

Bamford Haybarn Spa

Plenty of relaxation is available at this spa. However, if you’re into fitness, they also offer The Spartan Gym, 14,000 square feet of gym space with dedicated areas created with a focus on athleticism, endurance and strength. A good sweat at the gym can be very cathartic and then you can relax at the ocean-side swimming pools, cabanas and day beds.

Among the spa treatments, you can choose from massage, body services, facials, manicures, pedicures and more. All products are organic. If you want to bring the whole family along young children can enjoy the Seedlings program where children can learn about nature and the world we live in. They can also engage in art projects and sports. Bamford is also pet friendly, so if you don’t have a sitter and would rather not put your furry friends in a kennel, you can bring your pet with you.

Tierra Santa Healing House

The Hammam is a middle-eastern concept which can be found in Morocco or Turkey. Many beauty treatments we use today originate from the region. Tierra Santa Healing House, set on the third floor of Faena Hotel, is an impressive 22,000-square-foot sanctuary that features one of the largest hammams available on the East Coast. The hammam offers a time-honored cleansing ritual featuring a heated hexagonal gobek tasi made of Amazonite stone where scrub treatments are performed by intuitive therapists. Destress while inhaling jasmine-infused steam and relax as the stone’s warmth soothes sore muscles and joints, easing all tension.

There are also shaman-developed body-healing rituals and treatments, and technologically advanced facial treatments using Naturopathic and Biologique Recherche skincare lines.

Tierra Santa offers a mix of beauty treatments and alternative therapies from ancient cultures. Doctors and beauticians form a team to offer you holistic treatments for your health so you truly recharge.

Miami is the city which never stops. Fortunately, you have these spas available to you and more!

For more information, you can call Property ACES at (305) 985-2237 and get started with the next stage of your life.


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